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main street and rising sun. >> now he's putting the mask. >> in a matter of seconds, the suspect makes his demand of the clerk. >> he just throw me the bag and said give meet mony. i gave him all the mony. i knew i would be gone. as soon as i pulled it out, i seen the guy, a customer and he walk in. >> reporter: this wasn't any customer. this was a retired state trooper and another man who had been ordered to the floor at gun point. thinking she would buy some time, the clerk told the robber there was more money in the back office. he marched the three victims down the hall where the retired trooper took over. >> he tackled him. somehow that robber, you know
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was able to escape from the grip. >> he knows the tricks, so he got the gun from him. he run away. >> reporter: the robber got mony. the trooper got the handgun and the suspect got away, but the victim survived with their lives and they're thankful now they have a hero in their midst. >> the trooper is a hero. that's what i'm trying to say. he's the guy who saved my wife's life and everybody's life. if he was not there, because the gown was loaded completely, he could have got the money and ran away. 5% chance. >> reporter: in sealsle county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> witnesses say the robber got away in a white or silver ford explorer. if you have any information about his identity, you're asked
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to call the cecil county sheriff's office. >> an update on the breaking news we delivered at 5:00. a 39-year-old police officer is suspended without pay after allegations of sexual misconduct while on duty. >> commissioner anthony batts said the officer's name is elliot simon and he has been on the force for 13 years and assigned to the northwest district. batt would not say what the allegations are. >> in cases where an officer is suspended without pay the allegations could lead to felony charges. we do not know the severity other than the collisioner said they are serious. they paid for treatments but now that timonium's monarch's medspa has closed their doors and patients are angry they cannot get their money back or talk about it. >> reporter: we just got off the phones with the attorney who
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represents monarch's medspa and said the company is in a holding pattern because of the investigation. the response comes from the company after we raised questions about refunds for clients who paid for on going treatments. the facility was shut down by the state back in september after three patients got sick with an invasive infor example and one died. abc2 investigators got letters spent. it can go to four other monarch locations to finish treatment lot closest ones are 90 minutes away in delaware and pennsylvania. the contract includes an agreement where they have to agree not to have anything negative about monarch, its employees or owners. monarch said they are cooperating with the investigation and he said those who paid for services by credit
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card or if you financed it through care credit, you can go that way for a refinanced land mon narc will not stand in your way. >> the man known as the voice of elmo, baltimore native kevin clash is on a leave of absence on sesame street following allegation he had an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old boy. the alleged partner who is now 23, sesame workshop said they found no evidence to back up the charge but did discipline clash for using poor judgment. all right. we have an update on that brawl that happened at a flea market. the fight at the north point flea market was gang related. allen lull and brandon quinet were charged it involved the demon souls motorcycle club and titan motorcycle club.
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both lull and quinet were released on bond. >> it's monday. there must be a water main break. yes, there is. >> water shot up dramatically between guilford and calvert. we have more on it. another week. >> reporter: if you're keeping score at home, that's about four water main breaks in about two weeks. crews are poised to do their repairs this evening. the break is about half has large as the one last week. some businesses and homes either lost their water all together, about 19 or had decreased pressure like was the case at mercy hospital. the cause, as it always is, is either weather or age or a combination of both. it's been said before and we'll say it again, baltimore's infrastructure is old.
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some could date back to the 1800's. the latest break is a recent example of how the city is ramping it up from five mile has year to 40. >> we're below five mile has year. over the next year we go to 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. >> reporter: now the cost will come out of your rising water bills but they are repairs that dpw said need to happen. the new pipe has been delivered here in mt. vernon while crews inspect and remove the damaged ones. reporting live in mt. vern no brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> public works are working on a
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break that's causing low water pressure in the ear. day classes had to be cans selled. >> work is still being dong on that huge water main break that shut down businesses for more than a day. it broke last wednesday at east 20th and north charles street. >> for the best ways to get around all these water main breaks, log on to you can look at the live traffics, alternate routes. lauren cook will be tracking the details of your commute tomorrow on good morning maryland starting at 4:30. well, the son does not -- sun does not stay up that long. 71 in bowie. 70 in arbutus. 70 in easton. we're a still in the mid-60s. it's breezy. clouds rolling. the rain weather maker to our
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west. for now just know this. rain and showers moving in overnight. they're going to last to your morning commute. could be wet. we got much more on the rest of the week straight ahead. >> our abc2 news investigators will reveal what they found out about violence in our school. earlier this year we remembered a student opening fire at perry hall high. one student was shot. are schools really getting more dangerous? brian kuebler tracked the number of guns getting inside our schools, even going county by county tonight at 1. >> across the country today we're honoring our servicemen and women. we had our annual veterans day ceremony. the mayor, along with veterans and other melt officials led a march. it was set up at the war memorial plaza. this is actually the third year we had the parade and ceremony
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take place. every day they celebrate veterans at missions barbecue. >> for veterans day, missions invites veterans in for a free me. the hope is to give lay way 1,000 meals to honor the men and women who serve our country. this is the second year in a row they've done that. they have the help of charm city cakes. they made a replica of the iwo jima monument. >> we don't think there's anythreeping more american than barbecue or our american heroes, especially those who have served our country. >> what an effort this s next week a new mission barbecue is set to open up in perry hall. they plan to carry on the veterans day tradition at the new location as well. >> all right. same-sex marriage may make 2013 a banner year for weather related services in m the
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william institute at cluck -- ucla said they will exchange vows. that clan translate to $63 million in wedding spending over the next three years in just m the institute said this should help create new jobs and boost tax revenues. >> all right. everybody loves to get a deal on a designer item but sometimes it's a scam. how to protect yourself from pick up counterfeit items. >> many stores are opening thursday night to draw in black friday shoppers. what they're doing to attract holiday shoppers. >> don't forget to check out our weather app wma pr. in the itune store. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems.
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freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. try a 3 piece combo for just $5.
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sunshine over the susquehanna today. beautiful spot out there. i think people will be easily walking down that promenade later on. >> now it's romantic. >> somebody turned down the lights. >> all right. you know, the web is pretty much a safe bet to cover just about everybody on your shopping list. >> everything you find online is exactly, well, maybe not. joce sterman explains why you shouldn't be blinded by low prices in this week's scam alert. >> they were comes to shopping, the better the price, the more we love. it we all love designer deals and scammers know it with knock
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off clothes and shoes. >> check out a merchant, especially one you're unfamiliar with ahead of time. go online, put in the mer chant's name and put in ripoff and come complaint. >> reporter: look for security features like a labor or sticker. a real manufacturer will add it. some will offer advice on avoiding counterfeits on their websites. be aware of prices too good to be true and use a credit card which can offer greater protection. if you do get duped, don't try to resell the merchandise. >> even if you tell somebody this isn't a real handbag, you're still liable. you could get in trouble. you could get prosecuted. >> reporter: demand your money back, regardless of the return policy. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> if you discover you're
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zealing with a customer, file a complaint with the taring -- attorney general's office. a canadian study finds fasting before screening mi be . researchers analyzed the screenings of more than 209,000 people and found not much difference. >> the actual difference was min nine cue yal. hdl or good cholesterol was only 2%. ldl or bad cholesterol was 10%. triglycerides only about 20%. >> now the doctor said you still may be asked to fast if getting a cholesterol check. if for some reason you don't, you may not have to reschedule.
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hold off on sprinkling too many spices on your turkey. 2% of all foodal already jis can be blamed on spices. at the food and drug administration, they don't regulate spice so they're not often mentioned on food labors. they're also used in cosmetics and depthal -- dental products. all right. we hit almost 70 in bwi. the record was way back in 1879. giving way to the big chill tuesday into wednesday and beyond. storm view 3 did.
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the elongated one bringing rain to the west and headed our way later on tonight. in baltimore, conditions are warm despite the early sunset. 64 now and the winds are southeast at six, pretty warm breeze. through the day we had some de cent sunshine at times after the morning clouds burned off in bel air and charm city run. always like to show. that temperatures in the statewide range in the mid-60s. that south wind keeping the warm air flowing in. that's going to be the case for another few hours. you see the gusty winds. the leading age -- edge of that cold blast. this will drop temperatures to below average levels tomorrow and on wednesday swe. big line of rain, big batch of rain due in. we'll bring it in at 11:00. showers approaching from the west are. then rain on and off the through
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your morning commute. plan for wet weather. plan to have exthat time. things will clear out. less wind but a chilly day as the hart of the cold air comes. you could see the cold air marching in. chicago in the mid-30s. the cold layer will keep pushing in over the next 40 hours, chilly nights and moderately warm days. i'd say moderately mild days, the upper 40s on wednesday, not exactly warm. the overall setup bringing rain. most of the precipitation, in fact all of this will be off to the east by the time freezing weather settles in. so that's good news in the sense no chance for wintry weather. cold november rain. it's a classic song and it's what you'll think of in the morning much. overnight 4 30rbgs 52.
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a four-degree warmup. not impressive. here's the outlook the next few days. temperatures will stay chilly but we clear this out into the early part of the weekend. temperatures bounce back into the mid-50s. maybe an outside chance of 60. pretty good pattern. cold november rain. put on guns and roses pooh thanks a lot -- roses. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. >> it may be hard to get kids to pick up a book. >> but they're doing that at halsted academy. the school's reading room has helped to foster a love of reading to all the students. >> boys and girls come during their lunchtime. they can read with other classes. they come with their own classes and it's for their own
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enjoyment. they relax in an atmosphere of a camp like setting. >> students also received this special message from dr. ben carson encouraging them to embrace books and the love of reading. j.c. penney last a unique strategy to lure shoppers in this holiday season. starting black friday, store employees will be handing out more than 80 million holiday themed buttons to shoppers. when you enter a code on the j.c. penney website you can earn prizes like a trip to disneyland. well, toys 'r us are hopping on the bandwagon for super early black friday stores. they're opening 8:00 thanksgiving night. early bird shoppers will have more than 200 door busters, including giflts cards for buying apple products and
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offering free laaway. seers will start theirs on november 18th. what are we watching the news for. let's go shop. >> i'm with you.
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we've got a story you have to hear if you have a story who has a cell phone.
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>> your child may have downloaded an app that could give child predators easy access. >> plus, pregnant tests in the dollar store. we'll tell you if those work, at 11. >> tonight will be like -- >> changing weather. hope you enjoyed the sun. cold weather coming back overnight into your morning commute. showers around midnight, steadier toward daybreak tomorrow. then we'll clear things out by noon and by the way, this will not be a long lived rain event. we'll be dry by wednesday. >> today is the nicest day of the week. >> for a while. >> all right. friday. all right. that's all for us on web -- abc2 news at 6. >> we'll be back at 11.
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.

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